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Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA), Dept. A.

11900 Parklawn Drive, Suite 100
6000 Executive Boulevard, Suite 513
Rockville, MD 20852-3801
Telephone: 301-231-9350 900 Phone: 1-900-737-3400/24 hours @ $2.00 per minute
Makes referrals to professional members and to support groups. Has a catalog of available brochures, books, and audiovisuals.

Association for Advancement of Behavior Therapy.

305 Seventh Ave., Suite 1601
New York, NY 10001-6008
Telephone: 212-647-1890
Membership listing of mental health professionals focusing on behavior therapy.

Freedom From Fear.

308 Seaview Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10305
Telephone: 718-351-1717
Offers a free newsletter on anxiety disorders and a referral list of treatment specialists.

National Anxiety Foundation.

3135 Custer Drive, Lexington,
KY 40517-4001. 606-272-7166.

Obsessive Compulsive Information Center.

Dean Foundation for Health, Research, and Education,
8000 Excelsior Drive, Suite 302,
Madison, WI 53717-1914.
Computer data base of over 4,000 references updated daily. Computer searches done for nominal fee. No charge for quick reference questions. Maintains physician referral and support group lists.

Obsessive Compulsive Information Center.

Madison Institute of Medicine
7617 Mineral Point Road, Suite 300
Madison, WI 53717
Telephone: 608-827-2470
Computer data base of over 4,000 references updated daily. Computer searches done for nominal fee. No charge for quick reference questions. Maintains physician referral and support group lists.

OC Foundation.

337 Notch Hill Road
North Branford, CT. 06471
203 315-2190 Fax: 203 315-2196 E-mail: &

Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation, Inc. (OCF).

P.O. Box 70
Milford, CT 06460-0070 Telephone: 203-878-5669 Telephone: 203- 874-3848 (For a recorded message of the latest OCD developments.)
Fax: 203-874-2826
InfoLine: 203-874-3843 with national referral list
Offers free or at minimal cost brochures for individuals with the disorder and their families.
In addition, videotapes and books are available. A bimonthly newsletter goes to members who pay an annual membership fee of $30.00. Has over 250 support groups nationwide. Can refer to mental health professionals in your area with experience in treating OCD.

Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous, Inc. (OCA).

P.O. Box 215
New Hyde Park, NY 11040
Phone: 516-741-4901
Phone: 516-741-4909.
OCD Hotline
Phone: 1-800-639-7462
Recovery Support Group.

OC & Spectrum Disorders Association.

18653 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 414
Tarzana, California 91356
Phone: (818) 990-4830 / Fax: (818) 760-3784

Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc.

42-40 Bell Boulevard
New York, NY 11361-2874
Bayside, New York 11361-2820.
Telephone: 718-224-2999
Publications, videotapes, and films available at minimal cost. Newsletter goes to members who pay an annual fee of $35.00.

Trichotillomania Learning Center.

1215 Mission Street, Suite 2
Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3558
Telephone: 408-457-1004
Membership fee of $35.00 includes information packet and bimonthly newsletter.

OCD Association of the National Capitol Area.

P.O. Box 11837
Alexandria, VA 22312
Phone: 703-379-8510


2300 Lincoln Park West
Chicago, IL 60614
Telephone: 773-880-2035
Fax: 773-880-1966

Anxiety Disorders Foundation Of Australia Inc.

4/62 Glenosmond Road
Parkside SA 5063
PO Box 492
Fullarton SA 5063
Phone: (08) 8373 2258

Specialist Clinics: Adult Anxiety Disorders.

United Kingdom.
The OCDCentre.

20 Collingham Place
London SW5 0PZ
Phone:+44(0)845 2263110

Anxiety Solutions of Northern New England, P.L.L.C.

34 Cottage Street
Bethlehem, NH 03574
Phone:(603) 869-3358

Comment: Anxiety Solutions was co-founded by Lee Fitzgibbons, PhD, (co-author of Helping Your Child with OCD: A Workbook for Parents of Children with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) and her husband, Gordon Street, PhD. Drs. Fitzgibbons and Street both worked and trained for several years at Dr. Edna Foa's Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety, and both specialize in providing empirically-supported, cognitive-behavioral treatments for anxiety and anxiety disorders (such as OCD, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, and Separation Anxiety Disorder) in children and adolescents as well as adults. For OCD, Anxiety Solutions offeres both a standard outpatient therapy program and an intensive outpatient program for children, adolescents, or adults. Both programs utilize exposure and response prevention (ERP) combined when needed with family therapy to address the impacts one family member's OCD can have on the entire family functioning.

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